Vacuum Detection (Components Search)

Numerous companies and R&D laboratories engaged in thin film manufacturing and other related fields use CANON ANELVA's vacuum components as indispensable parts in systems incorporating vacuum technology.
CANON ANELVA's vacuum technology contributes to stable operations of equipment and measuring instruments.

Canon ANELVA produce helium leak detector which can measure wide range leake rate.
Measurement range is 10E-2 to 10E-13Pa·m3/s.
Helen series is a helium leak detector measuring by Spray method or Envelope method or Sniffer method, Helen series measures leak quantity in a high repetability and quick rersponse.
It is used for the leak test of various parts, electronic parts, computer parts, automobile parts, a parts for refrigerator or heat exchange.

The reason why helium gas is suitable for leak test

・Helium gas exists only 5ppm in the atmosphere, it is easy to distinguish from other gas.
・The diameter of helium gas is 2.18A, helium is the smallest gas.
・Helium is inert gas, is hard to adsorb and is harmless.

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