Leak Detectors

CANON ANELVA's leak detectors are used in a variety of quality control applications requiring high sealing performance.
These products that emphasize operability are highly regarded by our customers in a variety of industries.

Helium Leak Detector

Canon ANELVA produce helium leak detector which can measure wide range leake rate.
Measurement range is 10E-2 to 10E-13Pa·m3/s.
Helen series is a helium leak detector measuring by Spray method or Envelope method or Sniffer method, Helen series measures leak quantity in a high repetability and quick rersponse.
It is used for the leak test of various parts, electronic parts, computer parts, automobile parts, a parts for refrigerator or heat exchange.

The reason why helium gas is suitable for leak test.

  • Helium gas exists only 5ppm in the atmosphere, it is easy to distinguish from other gas.
  • The diameter of helium gas is 2.18A, helium is the smallest gas.
  • Helium is inert gas, is hard to adsorb and is harmless.