Excel Pump

Excel Pump

Excel pump is a small light pump developed based on the ion pump. It can achieve extreme high vacuum using a pump element that is developed by improving the discharge characteristics at low pressure range, a built-in heater that enables efficient baking, and a built-in NEG (non-evaporative getter).

Excel pump


  1. High pumping performance at UHV and XHV range
    Discharge at low pressure range is improved with the development of a new pump element and vacuum around 10-10Pa is realized with the use of NEG (non-evaporative getter) module.
  2. Highly efficient baking
    Increased efficiency is realized with built-in baking heater and moisture retention cover
  3. Compact and light weight
    40% size reduction (compared to our previous product)


  • Fully oil free ultra-high vacuum and extreme vacuum pumping systems
  • Electron microscopes, surface analyzers
  • Particle accelerators, nuclear fusion experimental devices, space environmental testing equipment
  • Vacuum retention pump for electron tubes, etc.


Pump Name 125L/s Excel Pump
Type 912-7100
Pumping speed(N2gas) 125L/s
Operating range (Note 1) 10-3 to *10-10Pa *NEG module installed
Ready to start pressure (Note 1) 1×10-2Pa or less
Capacity Approx. 10L
Maximum heating temperature 250℃(pump shell with magnet removed
may be baked up to 400℃)
Inlet φ152ICF
Current input terminal 954-7281
Element (replaceable) 915-7070 Excel Element (×2)
Magnet 912-7005(×1) included
Weight Approx. 48kg