Pirani Gauge (corrosion-resistant type) M-351PG

Pirani Gauge (corrosion-resistant type) M-351PG

This is a model using Ni filament to increase corrosion resistance. It supports hard process equipment such as RIE and CVD.

Pirani Gauge (corrosion-resistant type) M-351PG CE_marking RoHS


  1. Improved corrosion resistance
    Uses Ni filament
  2. Good repeatability and low cost
  3. From 5×10-2Pa to atmospheric pressure


  • Semiconductor and electronic device manufacturing equipment
    Dry etching equipment, plasma CVD equipment, LD-CVD equipment
  • Food and drug manufacturing equipment
    Vacuum-freeze drying, reduced-pressure distillation, sterilization equipment


Type M-351PG-SP
(Ni filament) (Setpoint equipped type)
Measurement pressure range 5×10-2 to 1×105(Pa)
Accuracy (Pa) ±50%:5×10-2 to 1×10-1
±15%:1×10-1 to 1×104
±50%:1×104 to 1×105
Repeatability ±2%:1×10-1 to 1×104Pa
Input voltage +14 to 30VDC
Power consumption 2W
Analog output 0 to 10V
Gauge identification resistance 13KΩ(between D-sub 5 and 9 pin)
Set point 2 contact output (1A 30V, DC)
Interface -
I/O connector D-sub 9 pin
Maximum cable length 200m (0.34mm2) supported*1
Operating temperature range 5 to 60℃
Storage temperature range -20 to 70℃ (not operating)
Baking temperature <+150℃ (O ring specification, gauge head only)
<+300℃ (metal seal specification, gauge head only)
Allowed overload pressure 1MPa (limited to joint shape, inert gas, absolute temperature)
Applicable Pirani Sensor Type MP-2
Flange shape NW16, NW25, 1/8NPT
Sensor material
(main component)
Pirani filament:Nickel
Sensor tube:Stainless steel
Inlet terminal insulator: Koval glass+Al2O3 coated
Conformity CE marking, RoHS, IP40


Pirani Gauge Dimensions

Parts Number

Parts Number Model Description Remarks Code
0160-08359 M-351PG-SP/N16 Pirani Gauge Nickel Filament 22665
0160-08854 M-351PG-SP/N25 Pirani Gauge Nickel Filament 22666
0161-62080 MP-2/NW16 Pirani Gauge Head Nickel Filament 22668
0161-70368 MP-2/NW25 Pirani Gauge Head Nickel Filament 22669
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