Crystal Ion Gauge M-336MX

Crystal Ion Gauge M-336MX

This is a combination gauge using a crystal gauge with excellent repeatability and response for measurement in the low vacuum range and a miniature B-A gauge proven over many years for measurement in the high vacuum range. A single device capable of measuring wide pressure range from atmospheric pressure to ultra-high vacuum.

Crystal Ion Gauge M-336MX CE_marking RoHS


  1. Combination gauge combining crystal gauge with miniature B-A gauge
  2. From ultra-high vacuum to atmospheric pressure
  3. High precision with excellent repeatability in the low vacuum range


  • Roughing pump and ultimate pressure measurement of vacuum equipment, semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing equipment pressure measurement


Type Crystal Ion Gauge
Type with Set Point
RS485 Type
Pressure measurement range* 4×10-8 to 1×105(Pa)
Input voltage +20 to 28VDC
Power consumption 12W
Analog output 0 to 10V -
Set point -
Interface - RS485
I/O connector D‐sub 9 pin
Maximum cable length 300m (1mm2)*1
Protection standard IP40 compatible
Operating temperature range*2 5 to 50℃
Storage temperature range*2 -20 to 70℃ (not operating)
Sensor Type MX-1
Sensor material (main component) Filament: Y2O3/Ir, Case:SUS304
Dimensions (mm) 149×70×50 (NW25)
Flange shape NW16, NW25, NW40, φ70ICF
Conformity CE marking, RoHS, IP40



Parts Number

Parts Number Model Description Remarks Code
0160-06797 M-336MX-SP/N16 Crystal Ion Gauge w NW16 Flange 22545
0160-06810 M-336MX-SP/N25 Crystal Ion Gauge w NW25 Flange 22546
0160-07206 M-336MX-SP/N40 Crystal Ion Gauge w NW40 Flange 22547
0160-06828 M-336MX-SP/C70 Crystal Ion Gauge w φ70ICF Flange 22548
0160-06836 M-336MX-SP/N16 Crystal Ion Gauge(RS485) w NW16 Flange 22549
0160-06844 M-336MX-SP/N25 Crystal Ion Gauge(RS485) w NW25 Flange 22550
0160-07963 M-336MX-SP/N40 Crystal Ion Gauge(RS485) w NW40 Flange 22551
0160-06852 M-336MX-SP/C70 Crystal Ion Gauge(RS485) w φ70ICF Flange 22552
0161-14825 MX-1/N16 Crystal Ion Gauge Head(336MX) w NW16 Flange 22559
0161-14752 MX-1/N25 Crystal Ion Gauge Head(336MX) w NW25 Flange 22560
0161-14689 MX-1/N40 Crystal Ion Gauge Head(336MX) w NW40 Flange 22561
0161-14647 MX-1/C70 Crystal Ion Gauge Head(336MX) w φ70ICF Flange 22562
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