Microfocus X-ray Source G-311 Series

Microfocus X-ray Source G-311 Series

This is a microfocus X-ray source series specially for industrial X-ray non destructive inspection. These X-ray sources realize high speed imaging with high resolution by stable X-ray beam.

Microfocus X-ray Source G-311 Series CE_marking RoHS


Pulse Exposure (G-311MH-DP, G-311ML-DP, G-311VH-DP)
  ・Low running cost of X-ray equipment (lengthen X-ray source and sensor life time)
  ・Low exposure of measuring objects

Low Tube Voltage Imaging (G-311ML-D)
  ・High contrast imaging of soft materials

High Power (G-311VH-D)
  ・High power and high throughput Imaging

<Series features>

  1. 110kV voltage ramp time within 1sec.
  2. Quick image acquisition
  3. Target maintenance free
  4. No need for target rotation
    Improving equipment operation ratio
  5. Warming-up within 3 min.
  6. Solution of the long waiting time at starting up X-ray equipment
    No need for tube aging after long term storage
  7. Self diagnosis of X-ray tube life time
  8. Scheduled maintenance of X-ray equipment
  9. 4μm resolution at 10watts
  10. High throughput Imaging and high magnification
  11. CE and RoHS compliant
  12. Applicable for overseas operation

♦Image examples

Bonding wire

Bonding wire (300x)


Flip chip

Flip chip (300x)



BGA (120x)



Tire (1x)


* High resolution date and photographing conditions of the images are available. Please inquire with this form.


Widely applicable for In-line / off-line X-ray non-destructive Inspection.

  • X-ray radioscopy
  • X-ray CT

Notice :

The X-ray sources were developed specifically for industrial use and can not be used for food and drinks or medical applications.


Parameter Unit G-311MH-D
Tube Voltage
Operational Range
kV 60 - 110 40 - 110 60 - 110
Tube Current
Operational Range
(Target Current)
µA 10 - 100 10 - 300
Maximum Output W 10 30
Minimum Resolution
µm 4 4 - 5 4 - 8
X-ray Window
Material / Thickness
— / mm C (Diamond) / 0.29
Target Material W (Tungsten)
X-ray Beam Angle deg. 168 (Max.), 80 (80%, Equidistance)
Weight kg 21
Operation Continuous, Pulse
Pulse Software≧1sec (Type-D)
Hardware≧50ms (Type-DP)
External Control RS-232C (External contact input is available with Type-DP)
Input Voltage (DC) V 24
Maximum Power
W 40 65
Operational Ambient
°C 10 - 45
Storage Temperature °C 0 - 50
Operational and
Storage Humidity
% ≤85 (No Condensation)
High Voltage Power
Conformity CE marking, RoHS


Dimensions of Microfocus X-ray Source G-311 Series

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