PVD Equipment for Electronic Component Production  EC7400

Equipment for Electronic Device Manufacturing and for R&D

EC7400 is a PVD equipment for electronic device production with high quality space-saving design which is the result of our experiences in semiconductor and disk manufacturing equipment.
It is a fully automated cluster type equipment that can accommodate a variety of process modules.

EC7400  PVD Equipment for Electronic Component Production


Electronic component production


  • Standard equipped with cassette chamber and transfer chamber (C to C specification)
  • Delivers excellent deposition distribution
  • Able to accommodate a variety of process modules according to usage
  • Provides high target utilization with rotary magnetron cathode


System configuration:
Cluster type (up to three process chambers)
C to C type
Substrate size:
φ200mm maximum
φ7.1" cathode (Up to 4. Varies depending on the module.)
  • Offset rotary sputtering module (multi-cathode specification)
  • Offset rotary and revolutionary sputtering module
  • Etching module (preprocessing)
  • Preheating module (preprocessing)