LED PVD Equipment  EC8100

Equipment for Electronic Device Manufacturing and for R&D

EC8100 is tray cluster PVD equipment for small substrate production, such as LED etc.

This clustered equipment enable to form multi stacked structure.

EC8100  LED PVD Equipment


ITO transparent layer and metal electrode layer for LED production


  • EC8100 is tray batch PVD equipment with stage rotation function, which realizes good thickness uniformity in wide area. EC8100 realizes high productivity even for small size substrate process.
    φ2"substrate × 50 / batch
    φ3"substrate × 25 / batch
    φ4"substrate × 16 / batch
    φ6"substrate × 8 / batch
    φ8"substrate × 4 / batch
  • Damageless deposition (Long distance sputtering 240 to 340mm)
  • Good thickness uniformity
  • Good Target utilization
  • Small footprint of 30% reduction (comparison of our products)


System configuration:
Tray cluster PVD equipment
Substrate size:
φ2" substrate to φ8" substrate