Atomic Diffusion Bonding Equipment  BC7000

Equipment for Electronic Device Manufacturing and for R&D

Creating the future with room-temperature bonding

BC7000 Atomic Diffusion Bonding equipment is based on Canon ANELVA's long experience with ultra high vacuum and thin film deposition technologies.
This equipment offers ultra high vacuum in-situ processes of wafer transfer, film deposition, bonding and bonded wafer collection with automatic operation.
It is capable of handling 4inch and 6inch wafers. Mirror polished wafers of any materials can be bonded at room temperature without pressure by optimization of metal and thickness of deposited film at bonding interface.

BC7000  Room temperature bonding equipment
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Bonding at room-temperature
It is not required to heat up due to using atomic diffusion.

No pressure during bonding
It is not required to pressurize due to using surface energy.

High bonding strength
It performs high bonding strength, excellent reliability and high endurance due to metal biding.

Bonding of any similar or dissimilar materials
It is available to adapt the low thermal budget device or differential metals with discrepancy of thermal expansion coefficient.

Schematics of Bonding Process

  1. Metal film deposits on the each wafer
  2. Those are contacted each other in-situ of ultla high vacuum
  3. Those can be bonded with atomic diffusion

Schematics of Bonding Process


Advanced Packaging

Power device

Optical device


RF device



System configuration:
Cluster type

φ100mm, φ150mm
Main pump:
Turbo Moleculer Pump (TMP)
Electric power:
3φ AC200V±10% 125A 50/60Hz
Cooling water:
30〜34L/min 0.2〜0.3MPa 15〜30℃
Compressed air:
Process Gas:
3.5min/set (It varies according to a process condition)
3720kg (Main body)
W3300mm×D5100mm (standard specification)