Rotary Feedthrough, Magnetic Coupling Type, Bellows Type

This is a rotary feedthrough to introduce rotary motion into equipment installed in vacuum. It can be used in ultra-high vacuum range up to 10-8Pa. Magnetic coupling type rotary feedthrough and bellows type rotary feedthrough are available.



  1. High transfer torque
    Various models are selectable according to application: from 3 kg·cm up to 100 kg·cm high torque type.
  2. Capable of bake-outs
    Uses vacuum brazing joints without any elastomer seal, making it suitable for ultra-high vacuum system.
  3. Capable of motor drive
    Two kinds of drives systems are available: manual or motor. (954-7630 is manual only)


Rotary Feedthrough  Magnetic Coupling Type

Type 954-7603 954-7604 954-7605 954-7606 954-7607
Drive system Magnetic coupling
Connection flange φ34ICF φ70ICF
Drive shaft diameter φ6 φ8 φ12
Drive system Manual and motor drive
Manual 0.5N·m 1.6N·m 1.6N·m 5.9N·m 9.8N·m
0.44N·m 1.42N·m 1.42N·m 5.3N·m 8.8N·m
Allowable rotation
Allowable heating
*100℃ **100℃ ***100℃ **100℃
Leak 1.3×10-11Pa·m3/sec or less
Weight 0.72kg 2.6kg 2.5kg

Rotary Feedthrough  Magnetic Coupling Type

Rotary Feedthrough  Bellows Type

Type 954-7620 954-7630 954-7640
Drive system Bellows
Connection flange φ70ICF φ34ICF
Drive shaft diameter φ8 φ6
Drive method Manual Motor drive Manual Manual Motor drive
Transfer torque 2N・m 1.2N・m 0.3N・m 1N・m 0.6N・m
Allowable heating
Allowable rotation
- 100rpm - - 200rpm
Leak 1.3×10-11Pa・m3/sec or less 1.3×10-11Pa・m3/sec or less
Used material Main body SUS-304
Bellows SUS-304
Weight 1.15kg 0.33kg 0.74kg
Applications For simple rotating inlet such as shutter. For simple rotating inlet such as shutter. For motor drive or high-precision, high-torque rotating inlet using mini ICF port.

Rotary Feedthrough  Bellows Type