Compact Gas Analysis System D Series M-101/201/400GA-D Series | Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

The M-101/201/401GA-DD Series products are the result of quadrupole mass spectrometer technology application. They are gas analysis systems most suitable for various gas analysis and in R&D fields.

The quadrupole mass spectrometer analyzer can be optionally combined with the TMP pumping system to enable flexible configuration according to your application.



  1. Customizable system
    -Capable of system setup combining quadrupole mass spectrometer, gas feed through system and other options according to application
    -Analyzer is selectable from M-101QA-TDF, M-101/201QA-TDM, and M-401QA-M (high sensitivity/high speed)/
  2. Space saving compact design
    -Compact structure with quadrupole mass spectrometer and TMP pumping system mounted on a small rack
  3. Simple operation
    -PC controlled simple measurement operations


  • Vacuum equipment residual gas analysis
  • Thermobalance emission gas analysis
  • Thermal desorption gas analysis
  • Furnace gas analysis
  • Sealed gas analysis


  M-101GA-DF M-101GA-DM M-201GA-DM M-401GA-DM
Analyzer M-101QA-TDF M-101QA-TDM M-201QA-TDM M-401QA-M
Measured mass 1 to 100 m/z 1 to 200 m/z 1 to 410 m/z
Sensitivity 100ppm 10ppm 10ppm 10ppm
Ultimate pressure 5×10-6Pa or less
Inducible gas
Sample gas
VLV <Atmospheric pressure
Capillary tube Atmospheric pressure or less
SS-1M <3Pa
Multi-ion detection mode, Partial pressure measurement mode, Mass peak mode, Leak test mode
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Utility Power
AC100V 2.0kVA
N2gas 0.5MPa (Supply when N2 purge is necessary.)
Connection flange φ70ICF φ1141CF