Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer(Process Gas Monitor) M-080QA-HPM

M-080QA-HPM is a quadrupole mass spectrometer covering wide pressure range of 10-9Pa∼1.3Pa.

Unique technology allows the M-080QA to operate in both pressure areas of high vacuum and sputtering pressure.

M-080QA-HPM can be used to reduce defect rate in production by monitoring the gases of process chambers to find potential problems, such as impurities gas, leakage, etc.



  1. Seamless measurement from process pressure (1.3Pa) to ultrahigh vacuum
  2. Detecting H2 with high sensitivity in deposition process
  3. Long maintenance cycle and low running cost
  4. Detecting problems in production with various alarm functions


  • Quality control in deposition process
  • Residual gas analysis
  • Leak check


Model M-080QA-HPM
Measurement mass range 1 to 80amu
Operating pressure 1.3Pa or less
Minimum Detection Limits 5ppm(Without H2), H2:100ppm
FC 7.5×10-9A/Pa or greater
SEM 7.5×10-5A/Pa or greater
Resolution <1 amu @10% of peak height
Specifications Filament Yttria coated iridium×1
Baking temperature 250℃ (Analyzer tube only)
Connection flange φ70ICF
Rated input voltage 100V to 240VAC
Weight Analyzer tube 1.1kg
Controller 2.2kg
Communication interface RS-232C/485
Software QUADVISION3 / compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10