Ultra-high Vacuum Viewing Port

This is a window to look inside the vacuum container. It is Kovar glass or synthesized sapphire sealed with Kovar, welded onto an ICF flange, allowing it to be used under ultra-high pressure of up to 10-8Pa.



  1. Wide and clear effective field of view
    The thin viewing port provides a wide effective field of view, and the strain-free glass and sapphire let you observe clearly.
  2. Can be used up to ultra-high vacuum
    The ICF flange allows it to be used under ultra-high vacuum.
  3. High heat tolerance
    Endures 350℃ heat cycle.


Withstand pressure 0.1MPa(inside vacuum, outside atmosphere)
Allowable heating temperature 350℃
Temperature change 25℃/min or less
Leak 1.3 × 10-11Pa·m3/sec or less