Moly paste 500

This is a paste-form product with MoS2 particulates and base oil (mineral oil) blended together in high concentration. Small application on machinery joints, sliding parts, and screws prevents abrasion, scoring, and welding.

* Not for vacuum environment.



  1. Chemically stable. (Endures any chemical except aqua regia and high temperature strong acid.)
  2. Prevents welding and abrasion.
  3. Ideal for lubricating slow-moving, heavy load parts.
  4. Its paste form allows you to lubricate parts t to which applying oil is difficult.


Container 50g tube
Appearance paste form
Color black
Operating temperature -75℃ to 400℃

Note: ThreeBond 1901 (500g can) is also available as an alternative MoS2 lubricant.