Sheathed heater

This is a wire-shaped heater to be wrapped around the vacuum containers for bake-outs.
Two types are available: for 100VAC and 200VAC.

Bolt, nut, washer

Our lineup includes from M4 to M10



Type 944-9150 944-9151 944-9153 944-9154
Name 100V×380W heater 100V×589W heater 200V×1180W heater 200V×1860W heater
Rated voltage 100VAC 200VAC
Rated capacity 380W 589W 1180W 1860W
Minimum bend radius 4.8mm 6.9mm 6.9mm 9.6mm
Main component material Lead wire: Ni, Sheath: SUS316, Heating element: Nichrome wire, Insulator: MgO
Dimensions See Table
Type φA φB L
944-9150 φ1.6 φ1.0 2400
944-9151 φ2.3 φ1.2 4080
944-9153 φ2.3 φ1.2 8160
944-9154 φ3.2 φ1.5 9100