Titanium Sublimation Pump/Tie-back Pump

Titanium sublimation pump and tie-back pump are getter pumps that heat and sublimate titanium within a vacuum to form a titanium evaporated film (getter surface) on the surrounding walls and use the getter effect of metal to absorb and discharge air.



  1. Oil-free ultra-high vacuum
    Oil-free ultra-high vacuum can be achieved when used together with ion pump.
  2. Economical
    When used together with an ion pump, turbomolecular pump, or cryo pump, pumping rate and ultimate pressure can be improved significantly making it extremely economical compared to using a single large pump.
  3. Compact design
    Compact light weight design that enables installation anywhere.


Effective in reducing the pumping time and increasing the ultimate pressure and pumping capacity of your current vacuum pump systems (ion pump, cryo pump, turbomolecular pump).


Name Titanium Sublimation Pump Tie-back Pump
Type 956-7015 956-7040
Operating pressure 3Pa or less
Effective amount of titanium Approx. 1g/pump Approx. 15g
Number of filaments Three -
Amount of titanium evaporation Approx. 0.07g/h (per pump) at 45A power Average 0.35g/h at 48A power
Used flange φ70ICF flange
Weight Approx. 580g Approx. 680g