Roots Type MU Series for Light Process Roots Type Dry Pump MU100N/300

World smallest, minimum energy level roots type dry pump for light process.



  1. Compact and light weight
    Compact light-weight, high performance pump providing 1660L/min pumping performance with 230mm×450mm (0.1㎡) footprint
  2. Energy saving
    •MU100N power consumption at ultimate pressure: 0.7kW (46% less compared to previous type)
    •Cooling water: 2L/min (43% less compared to previous type)
    •Reduced nitrogen purge consumption with no nitrogen purging required for clean use. (Nitrogen purge required for Ar pumping.)


Light processes

  • Sputtering
  • Load locks


Type MU100N MU300
Maximum pumping rate (L/min) 1,660 5,000
Ultimate pressure (Note1) (Pa) 1.5 0.5
Maximum inlet pressure Atmospheric pressure
Maximum pumping-port pressure Atmospheric pressure
Intake flange NW50
Pumping-port flange NW25
Cooling water Maximum supply pressure(MPa) 0.5 (gauge pressure) IN-OUT difference: 0.2 or greater
Flow(L/min) 2 to 3 (Temperature: 10 to 25℃)
Connection port diameter Rc1/4 (with self-sealed coupler) Rc3/8 (with self-sealed coupler)
Nitrogen Supply pressure(MPa) 0.1 to 0.7 (gauge pressure)
Flow (Note2) (L/min) 0 or 5 0 to 10
Connection port diameter 1/4"pipe joint
Power supply voltage 3 phase 200 to 220VAC 50/60Hz
Power supply capacity (kVA) 4.0 7.0
Power consumption (Note3) (kW) 0.7 0.9
Operating environment temperature range (℃) 5 to 30℃
Weight(kg) 60 100
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 450×230×275 450×230×550

1) Indicates value without nitrogen purge.
2) Nitrogen flow depends on application.
3) Value at ultimate pressure.