Pirani Gauge M-350PG


These are Pirani vacuum gauges with wide application combining convenient capabilities to enable measurement from atmospheric pressure with high cost performance. They can be mounted on various systems for low to medium vacuum measurements in a variety of industries such as food, automobile, and pharmaceuticals.



  1. Good repeatability and low cost
  2. From 5×10-2Pa to atmospheric pressure
  3. Suitable for low to medium vacuum range measurement


  • Roughing pump system pressure measurement, control and monitoring of pumping system pressure


Type Pirani Gauge
Standard Type
Type with Set Point
RS485 Type
Pressure setting range 5×10-2 to 1×105(Pa)
Accuracy (Pa) ±50%:5×10-2 to 1×10-1
±15%:1×10-1 to 1×104
±50%:1×104 to 1×105
Repeatability ±2%:1×10-1 to 1×14 Pa
Input voltage +14 to 30VDC
Power consumption 1W
Analog output 0 to 10V -
Gauge identification resistance 13KΩ (between D-sub 5 and 9 pin)
Set point - 2 contact output (1A 30V, DC)
Interface - RS485
I/O connector D-sub 9 pin
Maximum cable length 200m (0.34mm2) supported*1
Operating temperature range 5 to 60℃
Storage temperature range -20 to 70℃ (not operating)
Baking temperature <+150℃ (O ring specification, gauge head only)
<+300℃ (metal seal specification, gauge head only)
Allowed overload pressure 1MPa (limited to joint shape, inert gas, absolute temperature)
Applicable Pirani Sensor Type MP-1
Flange shape NW16, NW25, φ34ICF, 1/8NPT, φ15 adapter, φ18 adapter
Sensor material
(main component)
Pirani filament: Tungsten
Sensor tube: Stainless steel
Inlet terminal insulator: Kovar glass
Conformity CE marking, RoHS, IP40


Pirani Gauge Dimensions

Parts Number

Parts Number Model Description Remarks Code
0160-06608 M-350PG-SD/N16 Pirani Gauge w NW16 Flange 22500
0160-06616 M-350PG-SD/N25 Pirani Gauge w NW25 Flange 22501
0160-06624> M-350PG-SD/P15 Pirani Gauge for φ15 Gauge Port 22502
0160-06632 M-350PG-SD/P18 Pirani Gauge for φ18 Gauge Port 22503
0160-07133 M-350PG-SD/C34 Pirani Gauge w φ34ICF Flange 22504
0160-07125 M-350PG-SD/NPT Pirani Gauge w 1/8"NPT (Female) 22505
0160-06658 M-350PG-SD/N16 Pirani Gauge  (w Setpoins) w NW16 Flange 22506
0160-06666 M-350PG-SP/N25 Pirani Gauge  (w Setpoins) w NW25 Flange 22507
0160-06674 M-350PG-SP/P15 Pirani Gauge  (w Setpoints) for φ15 Gauge Port 22508
0160-06682 M-350PG-SP/P18 Pirani Gauge  (w Setpoints) for φ18 Gauge Port 22509
0160-08286 M-350PG-SP/C34 Pirani Gauge  (w Setpoints) φ34ICF Flange 22510
0160-07531 M-350PG-SP/NPT Pirani Gauge  (w Setpoints) w 1/8"NPT (Female) 22511
0160-06690 M-350PG-RS/N16 Pirani Gauge  (RS485) w NW16 Flange 22512
0160-06705 M-350PG-RS/N25 Pirani Gauge  (RS485) w NW25 Flange 22513
0160-06713 M-350PG-RS/P15 Pirani Gauge  (RS485) for φ15 Gauge Port 22514
0160-06721 M-350PG-RS/P18 Pirani Gauge  (RS485) for φ18 Gauge Port 22515
0160-11205 M-350PG-RS/C34 Pirani Gauge  (RS485) w φ34ICF Flange 22516
0160-09575 M-350PG-RS/NPT Pirani Gauge  (RS485) w 1/8"NPT (Female) 22517
0160-51275 MP1/NW16 Pirani Gauge Head w NW16 Flange 22527
0160-51479 MP1/NW25 Pirani Gauge Head w NW25 Flange 22528
0160-51982 MP1/C34 Pirani Gauge Head φ34ICF Flange 22529
0160-56788 MP1/NPT Pirani Gauge Head w 1/8"NPT (Female) 22530
0160-55986 MP1/PY15 Pirani Gauge Head for φ15 Gauge Port 22531
0160-55994 MP1/PY18 Pirani Gauge Head for φ18 Gauge Port 22532