Ion Gauge M-311HG


This is a transducer vacuum series ion gauge. Ion gauge (hot cathode ionization vacuum gauge) is an excellent vacuum gauge with good repeatability and linearity and wide pressure measurement range. It uses a proven miniature gauge (MG-2I) as sensor.



  1. Wide pressure measurement range
    From 10-7Pa to 10Pa, capable of measuring low vacuum below the sputtering process without sacrificing the ultra-high vacuum end characteristic.
  2. High response analog output
    Excellent response with analog signal output of pressure value within 100ms to enable use in process pressure control.
  3. Four emission current setting modes
    Selectable according to application to improve filament life during use in high pressure range.


  • Production use vacuum equipment pressure measurement
  • Semiconductor sputtering equipment pressure measurement
  • Various vacuum equipment


  • Display equipment supporting the series is available.
    Large digital LCD for easy viewing.
    Significantly improved operability.
    Select between 1ch type or 3ch type according to your needs.


Type Ion Gauge
M-311HG‐SP M-311HG‐RS
Pressure measurement range 1×10-7 to 10Pa
Input voltage 20 to 28VDC
Power consumption 12W
Analog output 0 to 10 V -
Set point 2-point relay output
Interface - RS485
I/O connector Dsub-9 (Male)
Maximum cable length 200m (1mm2)
Operating temperature range 5 to 50℃
Storage temperature range -20 to 70℃
Sensor Type Miniature B-A Gauge (MG-2I Series)
Sensor material (main component) Filament: Y2O3/Ir, Case: SUS304
Dimensions (mm) 110×70×50
Flange shape NW16, NW25, ICF34, ICF70
Conformity CE marking, RoHS, IP40


Ion Gauge Dimensions

Parts Number

Parts Number Model Description Remarks Code
0161-78390 M-311HG-SP/N16 Ion Gauge w NW16 Flange 22670
0161-78405 M-311HG-SP/N25 Ion Gauge w NW25 Flange 22671
0161-78413 M-311HG-SP/C70 Ion Gauge w φ70ICF Flange 22672
0161-78421 M-311HG-SP/C34 Ion Gauge w φ34ICF Flange 22673
0161-78439 M-311HG-RS/N16 Ion Gauge (RS485) w NW16 Flange 22674
0161-78447 M-311HG-RS/N25 Ion Gauge (RS485) w NW25 Flange 22675
0161-78455 M-311HG-RS/C70 Ion Gauge (RS485) w φ70ICF Flange 22676
0161-78463 M-311HG-RS/C34 Ion Gauge (RS485) w φ34ICF Flange 22677