Display (1ch type/3ch type) M-601GC/603GC


These are displays supporting the transducer type vacuum gauge series.
An easy to view large digital LCD significantly improves operability.
Packed with numerous features to improve on-site usability.
Selectable between 1ch type or 3ch type according to your needs.



  1. Gauge auto recognition
  2. Large digital LCD
  3. Standard equipped with RS232C interface
  4. Excellent operability
  5. Capable of simultaneous display (3ch)
  6. Easy to view 3 type display (3ch)
    Digital numeral display, trend graph (up to 18H), analogue meter display


Type M-601GC
(1 Ch connection type)
(3 Ch connection type)
Input voltage 90 to 250VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption 50VA 100VA
Operating temperature 5 to 50℃
Storage temperature -20 to 60℃
Gauge recognition Auto
Number of connected channels 1Ch 3Ch (Simultaneously displayable)
Connected gauge Ion gauge (M-311HG) Pirani, Capacitance, Crystal ion, CC Pirani
Set point 2 points 2/Ch
Analog output 1 1/Ch
Recorder output 1 1/Ch
Communication function RS232C
Dimensions (mm) 84×106.3×212 128.5×106.3×212
Display Back lit LCD Color TFT LCD
Conformity CE marking, RoHS, IP30




Parts Number

Parts Number Model Description Remarks Code
0161-56738 M-601GC Display Unit (1CH) w/o Gauge Cable, Power Cable 22563
0161-56746 M-603GC Display Unit (3CH) w/o Gauge Cable, Power Cable 22564
0161-52946 601-005 Gauge Cable for M-601/603GC (5m)   22567
0161-52954 601-010 Gauge Cable for M-601/603GC (10m)   22568
0161-52962 601-015 Gauge Cable for M-601/603GC (15m)   22569
9007-83851   Connector for Gauge (D-Sub9P) Connector for M-336MX,M-340DG, M-350PG, M-360CP 22570
9007-83835   Power Cable for M601/603GC Power Cable for Display Unit 22571
0164-29767   SCREWDRIVER (PLASTICS) for Adjustment, 10E/ One order 22572
9007-83869   I/O Connector for M-601/603GC (D-Sub15P) Connector for Remote Control of Display Unit 22573