Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge M-342DG


The capacitance gauge M-342DG is a diaphragm gauge that enables accurate, stable pressure measurement with minimum zero adjustment.
This is achieved using a small silicon MEMS chip as the pressure sensor unit to minimize the influence from the outside environment such as changes in temperature, vibrations, and atmospheric pressure.



  • High precision, stable pressure measurement
    ・Excellent zero-point stability.
    ・Has low temperature dependence providing excellent stability without the need of a temperature adjustment mechanism.
       adjustment mechanism.
    ・Excellent anti-vibration noise performance.
  • Compact and low power consumption
    ・200g, W46mm × H49mm × L70mm compact, lightweight.*1
    ・Power consumption 0.5W.

    *1: Size and weight of the coupling NW16 specifications


Supports a wide range of general industry applications such as medical and food in addition to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, panel display manufacturing equipment, and other vacuum equipment.*2

*2:Not suitable for applications where corrosive gas is used.
       Please consult us for details.


Type M-342DG
-1D -1N -11 -12 -13
Full scale pressure (Pa) 13.33 133.3 1.333k 13.33k 133.3k
                                  (Torr) 0.1 1 10 100 1000
Accuracy (% of reading)

0.20 (at 23℃)

Zero temperature
drift coefficient (% of F.S./℃)
0.01 0.005 0.002
Span temperature
drift coefficient (% of reading/℃)
0.01 0.005
Resolution (% of Full-scale) 0.01 0.005
Lowest Reading (% of Full-scale) 0.01
Lowest Suggested Pressure for
Reading (% of Full-scale)
Lowest Suggested Pressure for
Control (% of Full-scale)
Response time (msec) 100 30
pressure limit (Pa) 200 kPa (absolute pressure) However, 130 kPa (absolute pressure) for M-342DG-1D (for NW16 & NW25, inner area must not be at
positive pressure)
Input voltage (VDC)

+13.5 - 26.4

Power consumption (W) 0.5 or less
Signal output (VDC) 0 to 10
Operating temperature (℃) 0 to 50
Storage temperature (℃)

-20 to 70 (not operating)

Maximum cable length (m)

100 (0.3㎟)

Zero points adjustment methods

push switch, remote input

Connector type

D-sub 9 pin male (mating screw: #4-40 inch)

Materials exposed to vacuum

Si, Glass, SUS304, sus316, Fluorine Rubber

Flange shape

NW16, NW25, 8-VCR, φ70ICF

Conformity CE marking, RoHS, IP40
Security Export Control Regulation Not applicable

M-601GC (1ch), M-603GC(3c)


Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge M-342DG

Parts Number

Parts Number Model Description Remarks Code
0160-12049 M-341DG-1D-N16 Capacitance Gauge (13.3Pa) Coupling: NW16 22735
0160-12057 M-341DG-1D-N25 Coupling: NW25 22736
0160-12065 M-341DG-1D-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22737
0160-12073 M-341DG-1D-VCR Coupling: 8-VCR female 22738
0160-11645 M-341DG-1N-N16 Capacitance Gauge (133Pa) Coupling: NW16 22710
0160-11653 M-341DG-1N-N25 Coupling: NW25 22711
0160-11661 M-342DG-1N-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22712
0160-11679 M-342DG-1N-VCR Coupling: 8-VCR female 22713
0160-11459 M-342DG-11-N16 Capacitance Gauge (1.33kPa) Coupling: NW16 22715
0160-11467 M-342DG-11-N25 Coupling: NW25 22716
0160-11475 M-342DG-11-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22717
0160-11483 M-342DG-11-VC8 Coupling: 8-VCR female 22718
0160-11140 M-342DG-12-N16 Capacitance Gauge (13.3kPa) Coupling: NW16 22720
0160-11158 M-342DG-12-N25 Coupling: NW25 22721
0160-11077 M-342DG-12-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22722
0160-11166 M-342DG-12-VC8 Coupling: 8-VCR female 22723
0160-11093 M-342DG-13-N16 Capacitance Gauge (133kPa) Coupling: NW16 22725
0160-11108 M-342DG-13-N25 Coupling: NW25 22726
0160-11116 M-342DG-13-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22727
0160-11124 M-342DG-13-VC8 Coupling: 8-VCR female 22728