Cold Cathode Gauge M-370CG

It is a robust cold cathode gauge that does not use hot filament.
Stable pressure measurement from high vacuum to ultra-high vacuum is realized.



  1. Excellent measurement stability
    Reducing measurement stop due to undischarge and fluctuation of pressure indication value.
  2. Good startability under high vacuum
    Eliminating undischarge and discharge delay.
  3. Simple maintenance
    Only maintenance kit exchange.

*The ignition of CC gauge may be delayed significantly under conditions of high partial pressure of active gas such as H2 and O2, or large volume use of these gases. Please contact us when using the gauge under conditions of these gases.


Widely applicable for vacuum measurements from 1Pa to ultra-high vacuum
・vacuum evaporation, sputtering, ion implantation, MBE
・SEM, SIMS, AES, XPS, surface/gas analysis, mass spectrometry
・anneal, dissolution, soldering, reflow, electron beam welding
・accelerator, cyclotron


Type Cold Cathode Gauge
Type with Set Point
RS485 Type
Pressure measurement range 1×10-7 to 1×100(Pa)
Input voltage +15 to 30VDC
Power consumption 2.4W
Analog output 0 to 10V -
Set point 2 contact output (DC30V, 1A)
Interface - RS485
I/O connector D-sub 9 pin
Maximum cable length 300m (1mm2)*1
Operating temperature range 5 to 55℃
Storage temperature range -20 to 70℃ (not operating)
Sensor Type CC1
Sensor material (main component) Electrode: Mo, Insulator: Al2O2, Case: SUS304
Dimensions (mm) 50(W)×50(D)×110(L) (NW25)
Flange shape NW25, NW40, φ70ICF
Conformity CE marking, RoHS, IP40

*1 The maximum length of the gauge cable is 100m when connecting an M-601/603GC display unit.


Cold Cathode Gauge M-370CG Dimensions

Parts Number

Parts Number Model Description Remarks Code
0160-12811 M-370CG-SP/N25 Cold Cathode Gauge With NW25 Flange 22806
0160-12829 M-370CG-SP/N40 Cold Cathode Gauge With NW40 Flange 22807
0160-12837 M-370CG-SP/C70 Cold Cathode Gauge With φ70ICF Flange 22808
0160-12845 M-370CG-RS/N25 Cold Cathode Gauge (RS485) With NW25 Flange 22809
0160-12853 M-370CG-RS/N40 Cold Cathode Gauge (RS485) With NW40 Flange 228010
0160-12861 M-370CG-RS/C70 Cold Cathode Gauge (RS485) With φ70ICF Flange 22811
0162-24379 - M-361CP/370CG Maintenance kit Pole piece, Mesh 22790