"V Series" Roughing pump valve V-025RV

This is a type-L valve that can be used in high vacuum range of up to 10-4Pa. This valve uses fluoro rubber (Viton) O-Ring for the vacuum seal and the shaft seal. Ideal as a valve for high vacuum equipment, or a roughing pump valve for the ultra-high vacuum equipment



  1. Can be used up to high vacuum range
    Can be used in high vacuum range of about 10-4Pa. (Fluorine grease is used only on the shaft seal.)
  2. Open/Close position sensor switch
    The air cylinder used in the compressed air powered valves has a position sensor switch for opening and closing.


Drive system Air pressure Manual
Type V-025RV-CN V-025RV-MN
Pressure range Atmospheric to 10-4Pa
He leak*1 Stationary 6.7×10-11Pa·m3/sec or less
Open/close up to 10-5Pa·m3/sec
Conductance 7L/sec
Allowable heating
Main unit SUS-304
Moving part AL alloy (air sealing) Nylon 66, polypropylene (handle)
Fluoro rubber (Viton) O ring (main seal, shaft seal, bonnet seal)
Shaft seal lubricant: Perfluoropolyether grease
Operating air pressure 0.4 to 0.6 MPa -
Air consumption
(L /cycle)*2
0.024 -
Air supply inlet M5 -
Open/close sensor * See sensor switch specifications -
Used fluid Atmosphere or gas (excluding corrosive gas)
Weight 0.63kg 0.58kg
Connection flange*3 NW25 flange

* 1. Gas permeation of the fluoro rubber (Viton) O-Ring is out of specification.

* 2. Air consumption of 1 cycle (open-close) 0.5MPa air pressure.

* 3. NW25 flange is a clamp flange for vacuum equipment, using elastomer gaskets (mainly fluoro rubber). For details, please refer to the Quick Coupling section of our Vacuum Components plumbing parts catalogue.