Inlet valve

This is a leak valve to introduce specified gas into vacuum equipment. The shaft seal is made of austentic stainless-steel bellows, and the vacuum seal is made of fluoro rubber (Viton).
It is suitable as a gas introduction valve when leaking high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum equipment.



  1. For ultra-high vacuum range
    Can be used in ultra-high vacuum range of up to about 10-7Pa.
  2. No atmospheric air mixing
    The shaft seal uses bellows, preventing atmospheric air from being mixed in while introducing the gas.
  3. High heat tolerance
    Can be baked up to 150℃.


Type 951-7179, 951-7180
Operating vacuum range Atmospheric to 10-7Pa
Leak when valve closed 6.7×10-11Pa·m3/sec or less*1
Orifice diameter φ8.5mm
Allowable heating temperature*2 150℃ valve open, 125℃ valve closed
Main component material Vacuum seal: Fluoro rubber (Viton)*3
Valve body: SUS304 Bellows: SUS304
L handle: Phenol resin
Connection flange φ70ICF, NW25 flange
Connection flange φ70ICF, NW25 flange
Weight 0.5kg

*1. Gas permeation of the fluoro rubber (Viton) is out of specification.

*2. Please remove the handles before baking.

*3. The main seal and the bonnet seal.