Isolate Valve V-025SV

V-025SV isolate valve is to be connected to the inlet of rotary vane pumps.
It is an automatic valve equipped with cut valve and vent valve functions and prevents backflow of pump oil due to power outage or improper operation of the vacuum systems.



  1. When the rotary vane pump stops, the vacuum system is automatically cut off (vacuum locked).
    The pump side is then vented to prevent the pump oil from flowing back into the vacuum system.
  2. Since the valve uses the vacuum created by the pump as the drive source, it does not require compressed air or pipes like conventional automated valves. (The valve does not open when the pump is not operating.)
  3. This valve does not require any special control circuit. It can be controlled by interlocking the power supply for the built-in solenoid valve with the motor for the pump.


Type V-025SV-1AC V-025SV-2AC
Range of operating pressure Atmospheric to 10-2Pa
Leak amount <5x10-7Pa·m3/sec
Conductance 420 L/min (Values for 20℃ air in molecular flow range)
Maintenance interval 30,000 cycles or 1 year
Main material Fluoro rubber O ring: Main seal, bonnet seal, and shaft
Nitryl rubber: Piston, screw seal
SUS304: Body, valve, spring
Aluminum alloy: Base, piston, air pipe
Silicon grease: Shaft seal lubricant
Connection flange NW25 flange
Fluid used Atmosphere or gas (excluding corrosive gas)
Usage environment Ambient temperature 10℃ to 40℃
Solenoid Rated voltage 100V AC (50/60Hz) 200V AC (50/60Hz)
Starting current 0.03A 0.015A
Holding current 0.03A 0.015A
Power consumption 3W
Coil insulation Class Class B (130℃)
Dimensions See the Dimensions diagram
Weight 1kg





Parts Number

Parts Number Model Description Remarks Code
0190-12616 V-025SV-1AC Isolate Valve With NW25 flange, 100V AC 31095
0190-12624 V-025SV-2AC Isolate Valve With NW25 flange, 200V AC 31096
    Solenoid valve cover Option (require special arrange) 31098