PVD Equipment for LED Production EL3000 Series

This is tray transport type fully automated PVD equipment capable of batch processing multiple substrates and is suitable for production in fields using small substrates such as LED.


LED production (ITO transparent conductive film, metal electrode film, etc.)

  • Batch processing of multiple substrates by tray transport is possible due to rotary deposition which provides good deposition distribution over a large area.
    φ2"substrate ×50/batch
    φ3"substrate ×25/batch
    φ4"substrate ×17/batch
    φ6"substrate ×8/batch
  • Fully automated operations (pumping, substrate transfer, deposition process)
  • Standard equipped with up to four φ7.1" cathodes or φ12.5" cathodes
  • Provides high target utilization with rotary magnetron cathode
  • Equipment configuration is customizable according to application and production volume through sputtering chamber and stocker mechanism expansion
  • System configuration:Load lock type tray transport method
  • Substrate size:φ2" substrate to φ8" substrate
  • Cathode:Up to φ7.1" cathode ×4 or φ12.5" cathode ×4
  • Operation method:Fully automated (pumping, transport, deposition)