Inline Type PVD Equipment for Electronic Component Production EL3200

EL3200 is horizontal inline type PBC equipment capable of single layer deposition and multi-layer deposition (up to 3 layers) by transporting square tray one by one to the deposition area.


Electronic component production

  • Selectable between single-side sputtering (depo UP or depo DOWN) and both-sides sputtering according to production volume
  • Supports laminated films by using up to 3 (single side) cathodes
  • Can accommodate up to 25 trays in the stocker chamber
  • Pre-heating chamber (preprocessing) can be expanded (Option)
  • System configuration:Horizontal inline type
  • Substrate size:Effective deposition area 300mm×450mm
  • Cathode:5"×16" cathode×3 (single side)