Quality Management

Obtained ISO9001 certification on October 2, 1995, and have been engaging in quality assurance activities. With the aim of now further improving our product quality we acquired standard compliance certification from SGS Japan Inc. on June 11, 2009 (certificate number: JP09/61592).
We will continue to dedicate ourselves to ensuring and improving quality through efficient operation of our quality management system and our "business philosophy," "management policy" and "quality policy."

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Corporate Ideal

Under the policy of "Customer First", we work toward management innovation and provision of superior goods manufactured based on our vacuum and thin-film technologies.

Management Guideline

  • "Customer First" Policy

    Acting promptly from the viewpoint of our customers and providing functions and quality that ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive Power

    Enhancing our comprehensive power consisting of advanced technology, superior quality, and consistent production, sales, and service skills.

  • Positive Management

    Carrying out our tasks in a positive and willing manner for management innovation with "ambition" and "pride" in mind.

  • Social Investment

    Increasing profitability with our unique technologies and products, and giving something back to society.

  • Respect for Individuality

    Respecting and cultivating the individuality of each employee.

  • Environmental Management

    Manufacturing products that are friendly both to users and the planet for the preservation of global environment

Quality Policy

Providing quality that satisfies customers by exerting our comprehensive power